Welcome to this listing. You can learn more about me below but in the meantime, I want to say thank you for visiting this listing. I perform DISTANCE ONLY Reiki sessions for humans and other animals. The best method to contact me is via email: hello@themindfulsoulcenter.com and note in the subject Reiki. I will email you a link where you can schedule a session and place your order through PayPal.

If you are interested in meditation, yoga, conscious living, personal development and community and want to share stories and be part of a community you can join me and other members in the new social network that is ad-free and focused on community – mindfulsoul.center – join me there it’s free.

Currently, I am offering an introductory meditation course to help people learn about meditation and learn some techniques to get them started. In addition, there is a seven day gratitude course that is a companion to my book Gratitude Shmatitude: Don’t just think it, do it! You can find more information at this link – themindfulsoulcenter.com/courses/

I am also the founder and editor of the Mindful Soul Center bi-monthly online magazine and a podcast.

Welcome to ViTerra Healing. We are a small, warm-hearted and personalised practice that focus on holistic energy and spiritual healing and teaching.

We all know the toll today’s modern lifestyle and stress take on our vitality and sense of well-being. We often also carry the hurts from our past, suffering because we are unable to let it go and leaving us feeling fatigued, unworthy and demotivated. We may even suffer from mild depression, insomnia, low immunity and all sorts of aches, pains, illnesses and discomforts. These are all signs of a depleted of life-force energy, a blocked energy body and a body-mind-spirit imbalance.

There are many ways in which we can heal the past, embrace the present and step into the future with hope and grace. At ViTerra Healing our aim is to support you energetically on all levels towards clearing, balancing and healing body, mind and spirit. We get those juices flowing to restore your vitality and well-being and to help you heal from the discomforts and ailments caused by locked-in and unresolved emotions as well as everyday stress and strain.

Healing is primarily facilitated through Reiki Healing, Crystal Therapy and Shamanic Practices, complemented by a holistic approach to healing. For those who are interested, this is further supported through the courses and coaching offered at ViTerra Healing – what we practice we teach. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to take control of your life and embark on your personal journey of healing – body, mind and spirit.

I am looking forward to meeting you and becoming part of your journey.

Blessings, love and light


Reiki Master ,Clairvoyant & Medium

Lives and works in Hamilton Hill, Perth, Western Australia

Healings, readings, Reiki & Chakra Balancing  teaching and attunements.

Meditation with Sound and vibration

Shining a light to bring balance within everyday living.

Relieve physical, emotional, mental, environmental and spiritual stress.


Meet Euphemia 

Angel Light Heart & Soul Healing was founded by Euphemia Keisler to share her passion for Energy work with others and to guide them on their individual healing journeys.

Incorporating energy healing methods of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Clairvoyant readings, mediumship, past life reviews, connecting to angels and spirit guides, and/or Vibrational healing with Crystal bowls and Gong.

Reiki attunements and teaching chakra balancing with clairvoyant healing.

Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner – Intuitive Coach – Akashic Records Practitioner – Spirit Baby Whisperer

Aparna Vemula, creator of Whisper Within is a certified Usui Reiki Master, certified Intuitive Coach and Spirit Baby Whisperer. Her passion to healing evolved out of her own transformative journey to motherhood.

The journey led her to explore different complementary therapies and modalities to bring some peace and reassurance on an already arduous path. It was a space of awakening to the deeper and more authentic version of herself.

She is passionate about inspiring others to transform difficult times into their own healing and cultivate a sense of power within.

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