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Reiki Greetings! My name is Michel (pronounced 'Michelle') Barta, and I'm a Reiki Master Teacher based in Denver, Colorado USA. I offer Reiki sessions, training classes and Reiki mentoring.

Some key characteristics of my style in working with clients and practitioners, is encouraging them to listen to their inner wisdom and to build their deepening relationship with Reiki through exploration and curiostiy. I encourage dialogue about Reiki and energy healing in a safe, non-pressuring space. I see myself as a companion and witness to empowered healing and living, through Reiki. I am available to clients and students in an ongoing way as their Reiki adventures evolve.

The Reiki sessions I offer are individual and are 60, 75 and 90 minutes in length. A Master Teacher in both Usui/Tibetan and Karuna Reiki, I incorporate both in my sessions. I incorporate sound healing, crystals and essential oils in my practice.

For clients desiring to have sessions once or twice a month, a six (6) month membership program is available at a discounted rate.

Everyone can learn Reiki! Classes are offered on Zoom or in-person if you are in the Denver Colorado area. At this time, classes are one-on-one. Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two and Reiki Master/Teacher Classes are available. Additionally, I offer a Level One/Two combo class for practitioners who have taken Level one and two with another teacher and desire a refresher course. All classes include attunements, course materials and resources as well as certificates of completion.

To share a little more about me and my Reiki journey, Reiki has been my bridge to experiencing inner peace, better health and a consistent state of well-being over 25 years ago when a psychotherapist recommended I try it in conjunction with our work together. This invitation from a traditionally trained clinician opened my perspective to alternative healing options. Living in Arizona at the time, I spent as much time as I could hiking in Sedona. It was there that I learned more about crystals and their healing properties. It deepened my awareness of the non-tangible energy around us and how it can heal.

Over the years if I felt overwhelmed by work stress, or if I needed help coping with a difficult life situation or relationship, or I needed a boost to feeling empowered to achieve my goals, Reiki jump started the shift I needed to get me going in a positive direction. It got me back into balance mentally and emotionally, and I felt reconnected with my inner wisdom.

I received my Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher attunement and training in 2018 (Usui/Tibetan style). In 2020, I received Usui/Tibetan Master Teacher Online attunement and training enabling me to provide attunements remotely. In 2021 I received my Karuna Reiki MasterTeacher attunement and certification. From my experience with Reiki as a bridge to deep inner peace, the name ‘Peace Bridge Reiki’ felt like a perfect fit.

I’m also a Reiki provider/volunteer with LifeSpark Cancer Resources. My husband Dean and I share a love of Colorado, an active lifestyle and the diversity that city living near the mountains has to offer with our standard poodle named Bijou.

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