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I am Anja and I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer, Ancestral Lineage Healer and Angel Therapy practicioner.
Reiki has changed my life. In 2003 Reiki found me. And that was leading me to learn more about Reiki and consequently other holistic therapies.
Reiki is the way I live my life and I can talk about Reiki all day long. I would say that I am passionate about Reiki, energy healing and personal transformation. Reiki, for me personal, is a wonderful way in living a healthy and balanced life. Reiki can transform and transcend your life.
Learning Reiki for yourself is giving power back to yourself. Empowered, and to be living as your authentic self is living a life in perfect balance, and the liberation of old outdated beliefs systems. by seeing them for what they are.
Reiki as a path to discover who you are and to live a life in alingment of head and heart.

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