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Dr. Deepti Bhargava

She is a Reiki Grandmaster with over 20 years experience. The patients approach her with varied issues ranging from medical help (such as cancer, injury & PCOD), relationship advice to enhancement of concentration and financial gains. Several of her clients approach her regularly due to their high level of satisfaction with her healing.

She is an eminent Akashic Records Practitioner. Her clients have given very encouraging feedback after Akashic intelligence healing and now they are living a better and healthy life.

She is also a Money Reiki Grandmaster, Voilet Flame healer, Energy Healer, Karmic Reiki Master and Lavender Flame Healer. She heal people with switch words, healing codes, Satya Sai practices and Karya Siddhi Ganapati Healing Modality. Please feel free to message her on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram to learn more.

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