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Dianne has been working with and helping people and animals for over 25 years.
She has been an intuitive since she was a little girl. It wasn't until later in life that she felt led to develop her abilities. Along the way, she discovered that she was a natural energy healer and has the ability to channel higher beings of Light and relay messages.

Today, Dianne is a Reiki Grand Master and teacher. She works with 10 different Reiki healing energies, as each one is different, unique and powerful in their own way. This enables her to intuitively chose the energy that would best suit the energy of the client. She is a Certified Crystal Healer and incorporates their sacred energies with all of her healing work.
In addition to her healing work, she also provides crystal energy education, and Reiki classes and attunements for small groups and one on one training.

Dianne is also a certified Life and Spiritual Life Coach. She has been assisting people on how to navigate through life and empower themselves to become the person they are designed to be. With years of psychology and her intuitive nature, she has the ability to get to the core of what is holding one back and assist them in breaking through the barriers to uncover their purpose so they can live a less stressful and more peaceful life.
Today, Dianne is fulfilling her Divine purpose to assist humans and animals by helping them on a physical, mental, emotional and etheric (energetic) level.

"It is a great honor to be able to serve humanity, animals and Gaia through love, humility and service"
"What ever you do, do it with your heart" Col 3:23

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