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Gerry Stowers is an intuitive practitioner of the healing arts and owns her practice, Meditation in Motion, in a quaint historic Downtown location in Staunton, Virginia. During her 2 decades of extensive study and travel, she has adventured across the globe, learning ancient healing practices. Gerry has studied a myriad of energetic modalities; she is a massage therapist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, a yoga instructor, and a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. She recently graduated with a degree in Acupuncture from Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine. Gerry is also skilled in reflexology and acupressure.

The goal behind Gerry's work is for everyone to know and connect with their own divinity. She seeks to help individuals discover and shine their own light.

Throughout her explorations and education, Gerry has come to understand the healing power of energy work. Everything is energy- as such, we have the ability to work with the elemental forces to transmute and heal both physical and mental suffering. She experienced a cosmic transformation during a 2004 pilgrimage to Costa Rica, where a connection with Nature guided here on a journey of spiritual transformation. After this profound experience, Gerry began her study of Reiki with Gerry Eitner. She received her Master training from Frans Steine. The beautiful simplicity of Reiki resonates with Gerry; she is now honored to share the knowledge of spiritual energy with her community.

During her practice of Reiki, Gerry has worked in hospital with mothers who have just given birth, helping to guide new spirits thru the gates of Light. She has worked with the hospice community for the last decade at Augusta Health Hospital, lovingly holding space and guiding individuals who are preparing to transition. She appreciates Reiki's powerful ability to facilitate energetic exchanges on the non-verbal level, where deep transformative healing can occur. Gerry's mission is to help others to remember that wherever they are, they are safe. When we learn to shine our own light, the path to healing is always possible.

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