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LaTanya L. Hill, JD, Reiki Master Teacher

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LaTanya L. Hill, JD is a Registered Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and the founder of IMREIKINOW®, a company focused on providing the highest level of Reiki, spiritual healing, teaching, and assisting clients to overcome life struggles. She began her company through divine order in order to follow her life’s mission - to help others become their true self, at peace and happy, through healing and reconnecting with Universal energy.

LaTanya grew up surrounded by people and family with gifts of healing, prophecy, and visions. She has been a healer her entire life, practicing healing techniques for years before becoming ill herself, then using her skills to help her get back to a healthy state. During this process, she was spiritually shown that Reiki was the way to hone and improve not only her healing skills, but her empathic abilities, and more. LaTanya wants everyone to experience the beauty of Reiki energy and learn how to awaken the authentic self, which is the ultimate goal of Reiki.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, LaTanya has an innate talent for helping clients de-stress, improve inner peace, and promote natural healing. The universal energy that flows in each session is both subtle and strong in that the person feels the healing energy while still experiencing a sense of peace within the environment. IMREIKINOW is a holistic way to integrate Reiki in every area of life, whether it be personal or professional, universal energy is good for every situation and every living and non-living thing. LaTanya’s philosophy is that through Reiki, a person is able to accomplish what is needed to open up energetic channels so that a higher vibration may be achieved and the true self is fully revealed.

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