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I have been trained in Usui Reiki all levels 1, 2, and 3. Reiki Master Teacher level. My teachers are:

Barbara Aguilar (also my mother) who received her Reiki Master Attunement from Elsie Kerns (Reiki Workers) in N.J. I Received my First Reiki Attunement in 2001.

I have also received my attunements and training in Reiki Healing Flames taught by Dharmadevi (Reiki Blessings Academy, Los Angeles, CA)

My advanced Reiki Teacher Certification for Online courses was completed in September 2020 from my instructor Melissa Crowhurst, Australia.
Also, I am licensed Massage Therapist and Body Worker trained in Reiki Massage, Aroma Touch /Aromatherapy Massage.

I enjoy hosting on ( free monthly Reiki Share's Online, Mindful Movement Classes, and Online Reiki Classes and sessions.

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