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Empowering individuals in the achievement of health, balance and harmonious living through the application of holistic practices.

Natural Healing supports individuals in establishing and maintaining a state of well-being through holistic practices, recognizing the relationship of the Mind/Body/Emotion and Spirit.

​– is an Energy Master with more than 16 years of experience, specializing in both adult and kid mindset activation to obtain better relationships with money, love and power.
He has developed classes like Meditation within Super Conscious:
The Modern Mystics, a guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

It is a journey into the heart of being spiritual in the modern world. He has helped many to meditate, rake in spiritual energy, feel inner peace and serenity, unfold deeper inner experiences and allowed practitioners the ability to experience spiritual awakening for themselves.

​Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines:
I am a psychic, medium, Angel card reader , Spiritual Wealth Activator , Super Conscious Activator ( SSS) teacher, and Reiki Master.

I am trained and certified in the following metaphysical modalities:
Psychic development
Usui Reiki - Grand Reiki Master
Auric cleansing and Chakra balancing
Crystal healing
Life and Soul Coaching
Business Coaching ( Actioncoach )
Reiki Meditation Master

I offer the following services:
Psychic and Angel Card Readings
Mediumship and communication with departed loved ones and spirit guides
Auric cleansing and chakra balancing
Reiki healing
Reiki training and attunement (levels 1 and 2 )
Psychic development and psychic defence
House and space cleansing
Removal of negative entities and spirit attachments
Spiritual development
Wealth Activation

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