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My name is Stefany Barker, also known as Rowan Goddess. I have always had an affection for Crystals, Plants and Animals, which I have been incorporating into my daily life since I was a young child.

Throughout my spiritual journey, I have had the good fortune to have crossed paths with some amazing teachers that have helped to guide and mold the being I have become. I am a certified Shinpiden Sensi, attuned in the healing practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. I have been practicing Reiki since 2005 and teaching Reiki since 2021.

After a few years of practicing, I came to realize that the honour of being a conduit for the healing energy that is the Universe, in helping others to access this energy for their own healing and growth was exciting. It was with that I continued my journey to the next phase and was attuned as a Master Teacher in the art of Reiki, so I could share this gift with more people.

Another passion of mine is Crystals. I started collecting when I was 4 years old, unknowingly drawn to them. At 12, I began to read whatever I could find, talking to other like-minded individuals whenever I could. While I have a deep level of knowledge, I myself am continually learning; I believe that if I am no longer learning I have transitioned from the earthy realm. I have also developed a 3-part crystal course, which takes you from a fledgling to an experienced crystal user, for those who need a jumping off point or want more information to see another perspective.

Over the years I have created numerous sprays, bath products, spells and kits for my clients. My products are handcrafted with care to ensure quality and effectiveness.

My goal is two-fold: to offer you, the client and fellow spirit, a sacred and informative experience while exploring your spirituality when using any of my services or taking any of my courses.

And to offer quality products and supplies for you to confidentially practice your craft and get the most out of your spiritual journey… so you can show the world you authentic self!

Reiki Master Teacher • Energetics Educator • Death Doula

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