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My Story

​I have been drawn to nature & all things natural for as long as I can remember. I developed skills using & working with plants, herbs, oils & natural energies early on in my life & have been using these for over 35 years for others & myself.

After I developing & fighting an autoimmune disease, I felt drained, defeated & beaten down in every aspect of my life & health.

I felt disconnected from myself, my spiritual practice disappeared & I had to live day to day in not knowing what tomorrow would bring.
​I was terrified for myself & my young son.

It was a miracle...

It was the miracle pregnancy with my oldest daughter that lead me to make the decision to change my lifestyle dramatically.

It was during this pregnancy that I returned to lessons & awakening of my younger self. I deepened my spiritual practice, divine feminine connection & understanding in natural health, energy work & holistic healing.

Big changes followed...

I applied these expanded skills to improve & maintain my own & my families health.

After healing myself I began to help friends & friends of friends. I began helping them discover their capacity for happiness & joy.

2nd Spiritual Awakening

This has lead me to my 2nd spiritual awakening & to develop in depth connections & skills in spiritual healing, empowerment & transformation. This lead me to improve my self-acceptance, self-esteem & self-worth.


I help people re-discover & reconnect with their own inner divine selves helping them improve their self-acceptance & rebuild their self-esteem & self-worth.

I encourage them to improve in mind, body, spirit & heart by exploring spiritual healing, empowerment & transformation.

It's the best job in the world!
As a Practitioner
I help people re-discover & re-connect with themselves. To reconnect with the divine within to improve their self-acceptance & rebuild their self-esteem & self-worth.

Together, through a collaborative partnership, we explore spiritual healing, empowerment & transformation.

I am an energy practitioner & Reiki Master working intuitively with high vibration energies.

I work with you using a range of techniques to help provide insight into many areas of your life & being.


Through a collaborative exploration of your situation, I help you to continue to maintain this reconnection.

I also run workshops on connecting you to the divine feminine & masculine with your inner self.

Empowering the Divine Within...

Helping you with self improvement & development.

I also support & guide you to reconnect with your own inner ancient wisdom.

Sharing Connection, Growth & Exploration...

Over the last decade I have developed an in-depth connection to high vibrational energies & expanded my skills in many techniques.

With this connection I work to offer you renewed self-acceptance, self-esteem & self-worth.

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