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Abha Sinha with expertise in mind, emotion, energy, and metaphysics. Holistic Integrative Wellbeing Coach, Abha Sinha of Wellbeing Valiy has almost a decade of experience in the wellness and well-being field with more then thousands of clients and students from all over the world. She has been working with energy and yogic science for almost two decades.

A former Fashion Stylist and Costume Designer from the Bollywood Industry, Abha left behind a successful career to find her life’s calling. After a near-death experience and clinically being declared dead in 2003, her life unfolded a different journey for her to embark on.

Suffering from a lot of physical, mental, and emotional issues, and addictions, she searched for alternative ways to heal herself. After over a decade of self–work, and self-empowerment, she finally achieved the self-transformation she always desired. As time passed by, her calling to share her journey with people and help people to help themselves to achieve positive transformation brought her to shift her profession to well-being full-time. Since then, she has helped transforms thousands of lives. One of the most remarkable achievements she felt in this journey was when she worked with a client who was in her last stage of metastasis breast cancer which had spread to her whole cervical, spine except 2 vertebrae and the whole hip bones.

She was undergoing chemotherapy but chances looked very brim. Abha helped her not only to come out as a cancer winner and be declared cancer free but also worked post that for her recovery and to help her stay cancer free. It's over 4 years and she is cancer free.

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