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Asea Thompson (aka Militant Unicorn) is a Creative, Healer, and Community activist who uses the arts as a catalyst for change. Asea pursued Interior Design because of her desire to positively impact people’s lives and overall well-being through the power of quality design. Pursuing Interior Design made her realize she had an immense interest in the aesthetics and livability of the built urban environment which led her to Cornell University where she earned her master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. While at Cornell, she focused on Creative Placemaking and Community Preservation with the arts being the planning technique. MMy name is Asea Thompson but I’m affectionately known as Militant Unicorn and I am a Reiki level II practitioner. I was led to reiki by way of community development and interior design. I was eager to infiltrate and dismantle systems and design principles that have kept people of color at a disadvantage for centuries. However, I was quickly met with resistance, fear, and was ultimately rejected from two prominent fields of study that I devoted most of my energy, passion, and money to. So as you could imagine, following the shattering of the facade that was my career, I needed healing. I needed healing to call back my power and utilize it for a greater purpose. As a result, I began a two year work exchange program with MINKA BK Apothecary where I received Somatic Therapy and became certified as a Reiki II practitioner in 2020. I received the Reiki level two attunement in the Usui System of Natural Healing by twin attuning method. So, here we are; Spirit saw it more fitting for me to be a helper in the mission of healing and venerating Mother Earth. So, I’m doing my best to be obedient and follow the path that has been set in front of me as a light being first and now a Reiki practitioner. My goal is to be a resource, not a partner; that’s not to say that I don’t value partnership, but I’m here to serve and be obedient to what spirit is asking of me. If you understand, thank you.

Who is my audience? I'm assisting light beings who occupy black and brown vessels across the globe that have experienced family and societal trauma through exclusion, oppression, and violence. I want those who would benefit from it most to experience reiki. If you find resonance with this description or if this sounds like someone you know then let’s connect.

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