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Empath, shamanic light worker. Experienced the darkness place. Keep on transforming and rising from her own ashes.

Into metaphysics and humanity since she was a kid. Started her soul searching journey from adolescent by meditation, follow her path by lucid dreams.

In 2013, finally met her very important guru. Lineage from Kagyu Nyingma‘s Mahasiddha, Khan Rinchen Dhondup Rinpoche, gave her dharma name – མ་རིག་པ “Avidyā” and received oral transmission of “Diamond Sutra” and various mantras. Heart to heart transmission of Chöd, Bodhicitta, mādhyamaka, Śūnyatā (emptiness) and other different vajrayana practice.

Received proper Usui Reiki training from Lourdes Lebron and received different attunements from different masters.

Broken into thousands pieces for hundred times and keep on rebirth, rebirth and rebirth. Known for strong healing power and psychic power but still low key and humble.

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