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I began my spiritual journey over 30 years ago when I first discovered my thoughts and energy could manifest my reality. It wasn't a formulated strategy just an inner knowing. It was my curiosity and need to understand that led me on a path of discovery. Whilst trying to understand this energy concept I was also forging ahead with the more practical path of University and corporate work. My endeavours took me to a dynamic role in corporate IT and then as a mother of three boys I ran my own company and businesses. Always in search of finding the balance and happiness that so many speak of .. but also be able to work and achieve in the real world. I just needed to understand what this energy was and how we can use it. And being a super logical person I needed proof. I immersed myself in books, research articles, practices until my path led me to Reiki.

Now as an Energy Body worker I have seen first hand the transformation that takes place for clients during and after their Reiki Healing sessions. The healing goes beyond the physical body and so is widely used alongside other modalities and medical treatments. Physical ailments are sometimes a manifestation of years of emotional trauma and/ or blockages. As a practitioner and teacher I hold the space and allow Reiki to help clear these so your natural bodies healing can begin.

If you want to release your fear, stress, anxiety, old patterns of behaviour and lead your life from a place of trust, strength and courage knowing that you can handle your vulnerabilities then I would recommend Reiki Energy Healing and Balancing.

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