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I am a Reiki Practitioner in Orillia, On, Canada and I welcome you to this crazy ride called life. Life is a journey and many times during our journey we need to heal to move forward. I offer a space for healing in your own way, with gentle loving guidance. Both in person and distance Reiki are avaliable through Paula's Healing Journey.

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Here is a little about me and my Reiki journey:
Reiki is something I have always done without knowing what I was doing (I always used my hands on people on their sore 'spots'). Then a few years ago I took my Reiki 1 and the lightbulb went on, and I loved it. Finally after years of searching I found my calling. I went on to get my Reiki 2 and am currently working towards my Reiki Master and Teacher as well as getting my Animal Reiki Master Teacher. Life is about learning and sharing what you learn with others.
Welcome to my journey, I would love to help you with yours.

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