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My name is Monica and I am a Reiki Master Practitioner from the San Francisco, Bay Area.
Reiki has become a very special energy modality for me to share.
I began to study Reiki at HCH Institute in Lafayette, California, under the Director Holly Holmes-Meredith in 2012. In January 2014, I became a Reiki Master Practitioner. My Reiki lineage to Dr. Usui is 7 generations removed.

Currently, I have completed my Certificate in Energy Therapy thru HCH Institute and am finishing up my Life Coaching Certification thru The Integrated Wellness Academy. I've also attended Dr. Matt's NLP Certification class in early 2018.

Throughout my life, I have had several experiences in which I have been called by an "Inner Voice" to lay hands on others for healing. I remember as early as 9 or 10, walking with my mom and her close friend, who had cancer, and wanting to lay my hands on her, as to bring healing and comfort to her. Many other experiences like this one left me wondering what was this energetic force calling me to lay my hands on others?

I had been told that my great grandmother, her mother and her grandfather were healers. Stories of their healing were handed down verbally, as well as by hand written notes in a book written by my Great Great Grandfather who was a stagecoach Doctor in the territories of Arizona,Colorado, New Mexico and Mexico. Thru his journey, he had learned many techniques thru the native americans he came across.

Today as I reflect, as a busy mom, I wasn't quite ready to listen to my "Inner Voice" or to those who would tell me years ago to pursue Reiki. It wasn't until early 2012, that I took serious the recommendations of friends and family who encouraged me to learn Reiki.
Learning Reiki has definitely impacted my life and those I meet. I feel very blessed to share Reiki with others and see their Love and Light shine.

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