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The founder, creator, and owner David Anderson of Dodgeville WI is a Usi and Karuna Master Reiki Teacher. As well as a Certified Medical Reiki Master through Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International. A Medical Reiki Master is able to Reiki healing sessions during surgery and childbirth in the operating or delivery room. He also does talks and classes about words and their impact on you. Discusses words NOT to use or say and why. As well as Akashic Record reading. As well as owner founder and creator of Love Lingo Positive Apparel.

Love Lingo Positive Apparel is about so much more than just positive apparel! We are NOT just another t-shirt!
Love Lingo has pared scientific studies and Holistic principles to make a positive effect on you as well as the world around you!

In his studies, David learned about Dr. Emoto's water studies. This study change his life and the way he looked at words, water, attitude as well as eating habits!

In one study Dr. Emoto took water and took a photo of it under a microscope. Took the same water put it in Vials and labeled them Love, Peace, You Fool, I will kill you, and many many others. After a period of time took the water and took a photo of it again and the word had changed the molecular structure of the water!! Positive words created beautiful snowflake-like photos! Negative words created distorted deformed type photos,

That hit David right between the eyes! He thought wait, words change water.... I AM Water, so those words will change me!
He ran out bought tee shirts and magic markers, wrote positive words on the front and back, slept in them, and could tell a difference! He was amazed at how he slept and felt better. He worked on them for a few years then Spirit as well as friends told him he needed to bring them to the World. That was over 5 years ago that Love Lingo was started.
This is why all apparel is printed front and back. So you are embraced in positive words and energy!

All products are energetically cleansed as well as Reiki Enhanced bringing the ultimate in Positive Energy!
The number one comment about Love Lingo is that it feels like wearing a giant hug!
The number 1 complaint is that the person only bought 1 item and it is their favorite shirt and it needs to sooner or later get washed and they want to wear it.

People that know and understand the Emoto water study normally take one look at Love Lingo and want one! As they understand the power of positive words and intentions!

Love Lingo Positive Apparel has an assortment of different products from regular tees in Chakra colors, Ladies' racerback yoga tanks, yoga mats, hoodies, and the new knitted sweaters and blankets. Sizes run from youth sizes up to 3-4xl in some styles. New items and products are in the works and happy customers are always coming up with new ideas and suggestions.

One of the most popular items is the 7 Chakra color tie-dye tees! These amazing shirts won Love Lingo a silver medal in the COVAR 2020 Visionary Awards. This was a wonderful honor and he appreciated every vote Love Lingo received!

Since Love Lingo started it has actually become a movement! People love how it feels and affects them! They also know they are affecting others whether they are coming or going! This is one reason teacher Love Love Lingo! Their students are always seeing positive words.
There have been a lot of people that feel the whole world could use a little more positivity! Love Lingo is proud to be doing its best to make a positive impact in the world!
We are Changing the World one Love Lingo at a time!
Become part of our family and feel the power of the warm hug from Love Lingo.

What our happy customers are saying.

Jill Beverlin 7/5/2022
"So many of us wonder what we can do to help change the world. This is one great thing ALL of us can do! Wearing one of these items raises your energy level, puts positive vibes out in the world, and shares a narrative of love and positivity. We need this! Glad to have this shirt!"

- Peggy 6/10/2022
"Wow! Clothing that makes a difference! The positive words on the apparel radiate as soon as you put it it on! Great Job with the entire line! I highly recommend. Sending Love!"

Marilyn Murphy 5/2/2022
"I Love, Love, Love Lingo! I've purchased several items, a sweatshirt, and a Tee shirt. It feels like your wearing a great Big Hug! The fabric is so soft and comfortable, like a second skin. I highly recommend Love Lingo apparel. People come up to me when I'm out for a walk and ask me, "Where did you get that?" The beautiful uplifting words that are printed on the clothing are high vibe and you feel good wearing these products. Help spread the love!"

kristine k jorstad 3/31/2022
"I really enjoy love lingo I wear the shirts a lot and have many other items as well. My work area has Love Lingo to it sure does feel like a big hug. If you have not tried it you are missing out."

Julie toth 2/12/2022
"I love love lingo, I wear tshirt under my work shirt. Makes me feel love all day long??"

Kat 2/9/2022
"My granddaughter who struggles with self esteem issues wears her t-shirt proudly"

LindaQbq 2/8/2022
"My daughter gifted me with this tie-dyed brightly-colored T-shirt for Christmas. I love it. It is quality cotton, well-made, and feels so good on my skin. It makes me look more alive and the amazing words do indeed wrap me in a loving hug. You will love these shirts. I am ordering a second one for myself!"

Michele B 2/1/2022
"Love all the good vibes of my Love Lingo shirts! People always compliment them showing me that it brightens their day too! Highly recommend!"

Holly Feuling 1/29/2022
"Bought positivity shirts and wristbands for my family and a few friends. Everyone is so excited for the boost in good energy! I wear m shirt and wristband regularly to mindfully connect and reminders to use affirmation words and embrace gratitude. Dave couldn't be more helpful, kind and attentive in getting your ordering needs met efficiently! Thank you for forwarding kindness into the universe!"

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