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3 months of Support For IBD, Crohns & Colitis

So you have probably tried many different things since being diagnosed with IBD and you are searching through Google just to make sense of it all.
You are worried about all the things you took for granted such as planning a journey without having to think where all the public toilets are or even just what to wear in case you have an accident.
Another huge frustration is not being understood or having someone to just vent all of your frustrations to.
Remember this is not new to me so you can talk to me about anything.
You may not want to talk about the horrible parts such as the poo, mucus etc. and you also won’t want to complain too much to family or anyone else just trying to help, so you come and complain to me about anything and everything. I am here to offer you emotional support and be the one you can offload to.
Everybody I work with will have different concerns and questions. You will receive bespoke help but I have listed below the minimum that you can expect from me during our time together.
I also need to be absolutely clear about one thing before we proceed, I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to be. I won’t overrule or tell you to go against certain advice. Keep the doctor you already have, they do come in handy.
What I do claim to be though is someone who has walked the walk, I am your accountability buddy, your motivational shadow and I’m just like you, only a few years ahead. I honestly know where you’re at because I’ve been there too.

Step 1: Your Relationship With IBD

The first thing we will do is get to know each other better and I will want to know your thoughts and your frustrations around not just your diagnoses itself but with your everyday situation.
Together we will have an in depth discovery conversation about your relationship with IBD, discuss your health history, record where you are now in your journey, take account of your frustrations, fears, the biggest hurdles you’ve faced, your current mindset as well as any doubts in your mind about living with your IBD.
I will be here to give you my hard earned wisdom and the emotional, plus rational, support you need. I’ll give you the time and attention you deserve which is the main thing often overlooked and unable to be given by the medical experts.
(1 week)

Step 2: Stress Busting and Emotional Support

A huge part of IBD is minimizing your stresses and worries. Yes of course you probably know this…. but I am going to show you a range of powerful stress busting techniques that you can implement quickly.
Although IBD is still considered incurable, we do know that it is an autoimmune condition. So even if we cannot cure it, we can search for root causes that will help us control it better.
Sugar/Carbohydrate Intake
Vitamin/Mineral Intake
Hidden Food Allergies or Sensitivities
There are many, many triggers that can bring on discomfort or pain. Together we will discover what can work well for you as well as switching or adding proven intakes that can reduce the risks of inflammation and flair ups.
(1 Week)

Step 3: Be Confident In You

Now we make the plans and set the goals. I will be using a combination of modalities such as reiki, meditation, crystal healing and chakra cleansing, then I will work out the best systems to match your personality. Whether you are a complete novice or a big advocate of these methods, you will discover new techniques for staying positive in difficult times and I will show you ways in which you can keep using these tools in the future.
Again don’t worry, I will show you and help you to use these techniques in a realistic way. One thing I am always mindful of is how IBD can affect your days and I will always be aware of this.
This will be a huge part of the program and an area that will bring you enormous relief. Breathwork and Meditation is something you may feel you won’t be able to do when in pain, but knowing how to practice at the right time will have a brilliantly positive effect on your body and mind for the rest of your life.
We will be doing lots of work and challenges on turning your limiting beliefs into positive ones and you will be accountable for making the recommended shifts in behaviours.
(Ongoing throughout our time together)

Step 4: Let’s Keep It Going

We will review how far you have come and we will see how well you are doing. We will see what is working and we will tweak what is not.
I know that with IBD, everyday can be different and where as one day you can be feeling extremely positive, something can happen overnight that brings the negativity rushing back like a huge dark cloud. That is what I am here for. Throughout our time together I will be on hand and checking in to answer any questions and to lift your positivity and carry on helping you to use the techniques to keep looking ahead.
You will need to be accountable for yourself but I will be like the voice in your ear motivating you to carry on.
We are going to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do and throughout it all, we are going to have fun.
Throughout the time together you will receive guidance as well as:-

1 on 1 sessions

Audio Recordings

Guided Meditations


Daily Challenges

Ongoing Support via Whatsapp

Help With Research

Of course at the end of our 3 months, if you would like to carry on working together then we can discuss this at the time. The most important thing is how you feel at that time.

Payment plans are also available at checkout

Once you have checked out I will contact you to arrange a time and date to get started.


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