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Affordable Crystal Reiki Therapy in San Marcos, Texas

Affordable Crystal Reiki Therapy in San Marcos, Texas

This session begins in a calm and relaxing environment, including music and ambiance, much like a massage room. The practitioner will start with a detailed intake on what the clients needs are. Next client will lay down, either on a massage table or a specific place designated for the crystal healing, fully clothed. The practitioner will the begin to lay out the Crystals that have been divinated for individual session. These crystals will be placed in a specific grid layout, on and around the clients body. The practitioner will then begin to activate each crystal igniting the crystalline grid. Client will lay in this grid for up to 20 minutes. Depending on session lay out, you may have several grids placed, activated, and removed several times. Once the session is over, practitioner will remove crystals and begin to ground the client. Typically, a client feels very Altered after a crystal healing, so sit back and enjoy a glass of tea while you soak up all the energy.


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