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Affordable Individual or Group Chakra Balancing in San Marcos, Texas

Affordable Individual or Group Chakra Balancing in San Marcos, Texas

The client fully clothed lays on massage table or comfortable spot on floor (designated for the healing). Room is warm, quiet, comfortable, relaxing, and safe.  Music and Ambiance much like that at a massage studio. Practitioner will lay out a Clear Quartz Crystal Grid around the entire work area. Next, practitioner will place Stones or Crystals coordinating with the Chakra upon the clients body in the corresponding Chakra alignment placement areas. As client lays quietly with eyes closed, practitioner will begin to activate the crystals, which will then energetically vibrate and activate the chakra, cleansing and balancing it.  Client will remain in layout for approximately 20-40 minutes. Once session is completed, practitioner will deactivate grid, remove crystals, and ground client. Season time approximately 60-90 minutes long

Group Chakra Balancing (minimum 6)This is a unique experience with a group. Wear comfortable clothes, bring water, yoga mat or something comfortable to lay on, a pillow or neck support, blanket, and any extra bolstering you may need to be able to lay comfortably. The practitioner will set the tone of the room by using sprays or essential oil diffusion, to create a calm and relaxing environment. As music plays, either by track or by practitioner playing instruments, you will be guided through a series of meditations that will cleanse, balance, and nurture your mind, body, and soul. After the session is completed, practitioner will ground and cleanse the room by using sound, spray, or smoke. Clients can become Very Altered during this process, so sit back and enjoy a glass of tea or specially made spa water to help ease your mind back into this dimension. This experience lasts 75-90 minutes.


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