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Alternative Healer Toronto

My name is Marta Melinda Pap, and I offer Alternative healing solutions to those urban professionals who have tried different methods of healing, but haven’t found satisfying results. My energy healing treatments are non-invasive, gentle and soothing that can provide assistance in restoring your well being, energy levels, and health.

The Alternative healing philosophy is based on the idea, that when the flow of our healthy life energy (called prana, chi) is weakened or blocked in our body, emotional or health problems tend to arise. There are 7 commonly known chakras ranging from the base to the crown chakra, that are responsible for our bodies’ healthy functioning. If one of these chakras is not working properly, the bodily cells and organs in that area require restoration. Thus releasing the blockages in that area will increase the energy circulation and overall health.

I’ve been a Reiki practitioner since 2006 and a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2011. I take pride in offering my healing art full time for my clients. My treatments have helped many people with their emotional & physical pain, supporting them through their recovery for well-being and good health. My Reiki healing classes are well known & respected in the community and most students say I’m an excellent teacher and coach. For more information on my services, pricing, events coming up etc. kindly refer to my website as almost everything is fully listed there.

Services: Reiki healing, Reiki classes, Chakra balancing, Chakra alignment, Corporate meditations, House cleansing & blessings, Reiki Master/Teacher


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Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, Canada

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