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Awaken Reiki – Level 1 (Shoden) Transformational Program

What if I could show you how it feels to be truly loved?
Without judgment, expectation or condition.
What if there’s a possibility you could live without the pressure of perfection?
What if I could show you how to let go and feel safe?
What if I could give you access to your dreams…
What if I can open up a world to you that you’ve never believed was possible… the freedom to truly be yourself, just as you are, just as you want to be?

This is Awaken

Your gateway to access your infinite potential through the highest of vibrations – abundance, gratitude, joy, inner peace and unconditional love.
Whenever you want it.

Love offers us access to possibility, abundance, creativity, expansion, growth, safety, security, joy and so much more. When we are in love (with everything) we feel connected, supported and we feel safe enough to be ourselves and live a life in alignment.

On a very basic level, Reiki is the abundant and infinite energy of unconditional love. The same energy that creates and sustains us. We all have access to this energy, but it is through learning Reiki that this portal is opened up for us.

Using Reiki to underpin your transformation, throughout Awaken you’ll uncover the depths of your whole Self and fall in love with her.

You are worthy of experiencing unconditional love, not just as your desired Self but as your whole Self – the past, the present and the future. Along with the traditional aspects of Reiki Level 1, you’ll uncover any barriers you have towards loving and being loved. You’ll uncover your limiting beliefs, fears, shadows and so much more.

Awaken is more than a Level 1 Reiki certification. You’re receiving access to a full self-healing course. It creates solid foundations for your path to self-mastery, based on the belief that to be the best practitioner you want to be, you must also be the very best version of you.
You will graduate with:

A deep dive into the depths of who you are and understanding of what holds you back.
Energetic activation to raise your level of consciousness to begin your path of self-mastery.
New skills and techniques that will help you amplify your connection to consciousness for yourself and loved ones.

Access to the highest of vibrations whenever you need it.
Exclusive access to the loving, supportive and empowering Nourished Energy Community of students.
Level 1 Reiki certification to be able to practice on yourself, loved ones, pets, children, your home, your crystals plants and more.

Access to training materials, ongoing support, training and opportunities for further practice.
Foundations to crystal healing and able to use Reiki with crystals more effectively.
Chakra balancing gift pack with crystals and Chakra healing cards.

Are you ready for a new standard of learning? One that maintains with the greatest respect and honour, the traditional Usui Reiki methods of healing but also matches the new paradigm we are shifting into.
There is a strong pull for us to step up and move beyond our limitations. This is my opportunity to step up to meet you there.

This is Reiki…. upgraded.

While this program is underpinned by the traditional teachings of the Usui Reiki natural healing method, I have also combined my expertise working with the alchemy of crystals, sound healing and my extensive skills and experience as a Life and Wellness Coach and Mindfulness Teacher to bring you a Reiki course like no other.

Imagine for a moment…

– Waking up and feeling calm, well-rested and blessed to begin your day
– Not letting things lower your vibration
– A deeper sense of self-confidence and acceptance
– A coping mechanism, available to you whenever you feel overwhelmed
– A deep knowing that you are supported
– Going about your day feeling grounded and calm
– Feeling safe enough to truly be yourself
– Not worrying about what others’ think
– Bathing in unconditional love and light – whenever you want it

This is the future I want to help you co-create.

Are you feeling called to join over 400 Nourished Energy students and help raise the collective consciousness?

What other students say about this new paradigm of learning Reiki…
“Not to sound dramatic but my life literally changed after Level 1. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.” Alicia.
“My heart now feels so very full of love I am actually overflowing and the feeling is beyond words. I can’t wait to continue this practice and see what’s next.” Steph
“Loretta guided us all ever so gracefully and divinely all the way. I felt really blessed to be part of this beautiful group sharing our Reiki Level 1 training. It was so powerful.” Sharon

Program Syllabus:

– Healing and becoming a healer (How do we heal? The role of the healer, Managing triggers and introducing you to working with others)
– Energy and energy healing (Understanding energy and energetics, Energy as medicine, Our energetic body, Working with energy, Protecting your energy, Raising your vibration, Grounding, Connecting with Hara)
– Loving the whole self (What is unconditional love? Love vs. fear, Aspects of wellbeing, What holds us back – inner child, ego, fears, shadow, Rituals for self love)
– Reiki (What Reiki is and how it works, History of Reiki, Reiki precepts, Ancient Reiki breathwork, Level 1 Attunement, How to access Reiki energy and open your channel, Self healing, Healing on loved ones, – – – Healing on pets, children, plants, crystals, food and your home)
– Chakra system (Deep dive into the 7 main Chakras, Chakra balancing and healing, The relationship to your Chakras and your vibration, How to use the Chakras to navigate the healing process, Crystal healing and Chakras)
– Crystals and Reiki (Introduction to crystals and crystal healing, Secrets to program and use crystals specifically with Reiki)

Here’s the program breakdown:
Duration: 10+ hours of live training + course work. (This includes pre course work – a combination of virtual videos and reading content, live training and a follow-up call after 21 days. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring).
Prerequisites: None
Delivery: Online only or Hybrid of Online and face to face learning (Armadale, VIC)
Your Investment: $1100 (payment plan option available)

Are you feeling called to help raise the collective consciousness and help humanity transition from a culture of fear to a love-based community?

Register now to join the program and get access to all the resources to get a headstart on your transformational journey.



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