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Beautiful Balance

Beautiful Balance is here to empower your mind with wisdom to continue your journey strong and fearlessly. To connect and waken your soul to the life forces within and the powers they contain to heal yourself and the world around you. To allow your body to move, feel, and embrace every change with openness and acceptance. To feel yourself become ONE, A BEAUTIFUL BALANCE.

We work with women of this planet.

Energetic body scan (assessment)
Introduction Scan that is 15 minutes including energy messages translations. we conclude the 15 minutes with a flow exercise. Learn what your life force energies are trying to tell you. Focus is on the 7 main Chakras.
Energetic Healing Sessions
We conclude the 1 hour session after 40 minutes of energy healing with reviewing the messages and talking about exercises to keep your energies flowing between sessions; as well as you will have a chance to take the healing within your own hands through self discovery and getting to the base or root of the problems.
Healing Cycle
Beautiful Balance Healing Cycle is a great place to learn, experience, and connect to the practice of energy healing. The Healing Cycle show cases 4 key parts to energy work. While allowing you to experience other well known holistic healing practices like meditations and mindfulness. Group healing- bi monthly virtually- two live events a year
BB Intensive 1:1
Beautiful Balance Intensive is a 14 week 1:1 women's empowerment, discovery, and healing journey. This is done with a combination of different trainings like energy work, self discovery, mindfulness, meditation, universal messages, flow exercises, color therapy, personal stories, and the support, guidance, and encouragement to go deeper and be yourself. This healing journey is like nothing i have ever seen and that is exactly why I created it to help women receive support and healing while empowering themselves to step in and take over their own journeys going forward into life.


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