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BodySymphony/Leah Smit

Imagine your body is a finely tuned orchestra. Are you in tune? What areas are out of snyc? Is there discordance anywhere?

Harmony in the body and mind happens through unifying the rhythm of all the parts to work together to encourage a continuous rhythmic harmony.

Healing can happen as a result of the finely tuned restoration of harmony.

Fine Tune Your Body’s Symphony Today!
Like the crescendo or diminuendo of music or the ebb and flow of the ocean, the body has a constant rhythm of expansion and contraction.

Gaining harmony, balance, and restoring communication and flow within the body/mind/spirit allows the body to heal itself and in turn, the surrounding environment.

As a Reiki Master with 25 years of experience in her private practice of body and energy work, Leah has integrated many therapies into her practice including Reiki as a jump off point. Along with her Bachelors degree in Complementary and Alternative Health, she is also a Certified EFT Master Practitioner. She loves what she does and does what she loves as she listens and follows the body’s priorities.


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Garland, Dallas County, Texas, United States

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