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Earth & Ether Healing Arts

Earth: (noun) the planet on which we live; the world.
Ether: (literary noun) the clear sky; the upper regions of air beyond the clouds.
Healing doesn’t just take place here on this physical plane. Ether is the fifth and highest element after air and earth and fire and water; believed to be the substance composing all heavenly bodies, and thus, the source of universal life energy, chi, or ki, prana. In this practice, all known elements are included to facilitate healing on a deeply holistic level.

Thank you for sharing space with me in your soul’s journey. I’m Jaime, Reiki Master Teacher.

Intuitive, Empath, Claircognizant, Medium, Energetic Conduit.

So much more than my Physical Body.

I’m here to assist you in a unique and regenerative experience in healing. Through sensorial meditation and visualization, mantras/affirmations, and energy work, I can help you on your journey to achieving a physical, emotional, and spiritual state of peace and health within yourself.

I am a lifelong student in spirituality. Although my roots originated in Catholicism, I always had a deeper desire for wanting to know the ‘big picture’ and my soul’s purpose. This desire has taken me on an incredible journey through my childhood, adolescent, and well into my adult life. Throughout my journey, it has been my personal mission to learn about all religions and sects of spirituality I could make myself available to. Over the years, this has allowed me to develop an extensive knowledge base of spirituality, and in turn has connected the dots for me in such a way that I am finally able to see the ‘big picture’ (and have picked up some abilities along the way!).

Running parallel to my spiritual quest is a deep love and innate wisdom for the fine and creative arts. My formal training has spanned over 30 years of progressive development in fine and creative art, mixed media, digital art & graphic design. These two separate passions now converge as one in perfect harmony through healing that includes vibrantly descriptive sensorial meditation and chromatic visualization.

This breadth of knowledge allows me to take a non-biased, holistic and uniquely creative approach to healing. Whatever your religion or divinity or spiritual course, my mission is to help you connect the divinity that has always lived within you. Then it’s up to you where your journey takes you.

My techniques draw from Usui reiki, shamanism, quantum healing, sound therapy, color theory and other spiritual and artistic disciplines and modalities.

Member of: International Reiki Organization, Reiki Healing Association, International Association of Reiki Professionals, The International Center for Reiki Training

My Values
The space we hold together is safe and sacred. There may be sensitive emotions or trauma that come up for you during healing sessions. What you choose to share will remain in confidence.

Your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic safety is my priority and I practice sound judgement in ensuring your best interest and well-being before and after healing.

I honor and respect all walks of life, values, belief systems, lifestyle choices, religions, and versions of reality. My approach is from a place of love and understanding.

My promise to you is that I will always be guided by the highest good that serves you best, without judgement, bias or persecution.

May my direction be with clear intent, transparency and divinity as we embark on this journey together.

Reiki-Infused Natural Stone Jewelry
Natural stones have been worn and adorned for thousands of years due to their healing properties. Typically, the wrist is the most ideal space to allow the flow of energy to enter your body. Enhance your energy with custom reiki-infused natural stone bracelets, made to order, and made uniquely for you. You can visit me at Earthandetherhealingarts on Instagram to learn more or request a bracelet for you or a loved one.
Guided Meditation
Soothe your Sunday Scaries with a calm and tranquil intuitive guided meditation. During this session, we'll float away all your worries, fears and anxiety so you can focus on being mindful and present in your everyday life. This is ideal for people that have trouble with meditation, suffer from attention disorders, anxiety and depression. Meditation sessions are 30 minutes, and are conducted via phone or video call.
Distance Reiki
During this 60-90 minute session, we will cover any physical, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease you may be feeling. I will use guided meditation to bring you into a relaxed and comfortable state for the healing session.


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    09:00 am - 10:00 pm
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    09:00 am - 10:00 pm
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  • Thursday
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Mahwah, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States

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