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Energy is human nature!

Hi! I'm Melanie, a Registered Reiki Master/Teacher.  I began my Reiki journey in 2019 when a dear friend, who was about to retire, wanted to teach Reiki to a few women who would happily carry on the lineage. I soon found that being attuned to Reiki energy positively affected my life so I continued my studies to the Master/Teacher level, and completed my Animal Reiki certifications. I combine the Usui and Holy Fire Reiki styles with my natural intuition to bring you (or your pet) a peaceful, relaxing Reiki session.

The goal of a Reiki session is to help regulate the flow of energy so that all the cells, organs and systems of your body can more effectively use it to carry out their functions. It's an excellent complimentary therapy to support the body as it heals from physical or emotional issues because energy literally supports you (or holds you together)!


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301 Bank St, Ottawa, ON, Canada
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