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Intuitive Energy Healings | Kundalini Reiki Master

Intuitive Energy Healer & Kundalini Reiki Master

Bringing awareness to energy management and aligning you back to your authentic self is so important to me, and I am so grateful I am able to do what I love for my job. Through Kundalini Reiki, I offer intuitive energy healings and chakra balancing healings. During an intuitive energy healing session, I am able to see your energetic body and tap into what you need during that moment ~ this includes past life healing, location/energetic cord healing, crystalline and diamond healing and much more. During a chakra balancing session, I am able to see which chakras are unbalanced or over action and bring them back into alignment, so you can feel your best and authentic self. I recommend multiple sessions so we can release any old, stuck energy and bring in new high vibrational energy. 🤍✨💛

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