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Nez to Zen , Reiki by Heather

Meet Heather:
My journey in energy healing began in 2011,. I was going through a hard time emotionally and I just didn’t like the way I was feeling. Very stressed out, high anxiety, chronic illnesses, weight gain and depression. I wanted to be more compassionate and just be happy. I went to my first reiki session and I noticed immediate results, as if my life took a complete turn around. I continued to research and look into learning more. I had met several like-minded individuals that I felt a calling to be a practitioner. I received my level 1 training and attunement in 2012 and continued to learn and practice daily from that point on. I received my Master level in 2014. I first offered reiki to friends and friends of friends privately. I opened the doors to my community in 2019 providing energy therapy session and other holistic modalities such as holistic wellness coaching, Reiki practitioner training, aromatherapy, art therapy and sound therapy. Because of COVID19, I had to close in 2020. With the use of technology, I am now offering my services through distant learning via Zoom. Reiki is my life!
Are you feeling stress, anxiety, depression and sleepless nights? Call me and we will start your journey to wellness.

Reiki is classified as an energy therapy. Energy therapies are based on the belief that disturbances in energy fields in and around the body result in illness and that improving the flow and balance of energy can improve health and well-being. Reiki is based on the idea that energy is transmitted through the reiki practitioner from a universal energy source to the client to raise or improve the flow of the client's ki, or life force energy. Reiki is pure unconditional love and joy bringing all who experience and embrace it principles together in harmony. Reiki energy is considered to be a spiritual practice, although it doesn't require the client to follow a particular belief system. Divine in origin, it allows us all to become one with all things alive in our world.


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