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Okuden Certified Usui Reiki Level 2 Online Course

Certified Reiki Level 2 Training - from the Reiki Healing Association


Everything You Need To Learn To Become An Advanced Reiki Practitioner - Enhance your connection to Reiki, develop your intuitive abilities and deepen your healing of self and others.

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

In this course we guide you through the second level of the Usui System of Natural Healing, so you can naturally progress your knowledge and experience working with energy as an Advanced Energy Practitioner.

As you reach Advanced Practitioner status, we dive deeper into the science of Reiki, exploring how the expansion of the field of Quantum Physics has provided us with a scientific foundation for how Reiki works. We focus on the anatomy of the energy system, discovering how the chakras and aura influence our energetic wellbeing.

A very important part of Okuden is about growing your energy awareness, and building your Reiki intuition - that guiding instinct and insight which you can draw upon to enhance and tailor your Reiki sessions. We guide you through some powerful meditation and energy techniques to help you tune in to these guiding signals and become more receptive to the subtle energy of Reiki.

We will also introduce you to the first three sacred Reiki Symbols (The Power, Harmony and Distant Symbol) which will completely transform your Reiki sessions and the work you do with your clients.

As a Certified Advanced Reiki Practitioner, you are uniquely qualified to send Reiki distantly as you learn how to draw upon the Reiki Symbols and intention to send Reiki across time and space.

  • Discover new techniques to deepen your self-healing and support your spiritual journey.
  • Develop your ability to work more intuitively with Reiki, so you can move beyond the Reiki hand positions and let Reiki guide you to where you need to go!
  • Connect with the Reiki Symbol and learn how to draw, activate and use this symbol in your healing work.
  • Receive your Reiki Level 2 Attunement to increase your connection to Reiki.
  • Learn how to send Reiki distantly, using advanced Distant Reiki techniques.
  • This course gives you the chance to develop your confidence to work with paying clients with practical energy activities, video demonstrations and advice on getting started as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.


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