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Open Hands Reiki

"It is my joy to see you grow in your power, in your person and in your peace."

I am pleased to offer my signature mentorship program, called Spirit Immersion. This individually-tailored program is for those who want to receive clarity on their paths and deepen their practice of living in Spirit, because it’s an awesome way to live! You will be mentored to be authentically YOU! In other words, if you want to heal yourself and get free of the things that hold you back, this intensive, three month workshop is a great jumping-off place! Moreover, because this intensive program focuses on you and your needs, I have built in lots of flexibility to incorporate what YOU need. Rather than being another set of skills learned at a workshop or class, our work together starts from the point that you operate from now, and fills in the energetic or spiritual gaps with love and appreciation for how far you’ve come. Your energetic foundation is therefore strengthened, so you can build upon it the life you want.

I also offer individual and a package of 3 Reiki Energy Transformation Sessions. In these sessions, the lovely Reiki energy is constantly flowing, to meet your physical, mental and emotional needs. Reiki is a natural and beautiful energy that returns us to our inborn peacefulness and resilience.

While the Reiki energy is flowing, I receive intuitive insights about you, and I’ll share these with you along the way. We then work together to release any stuck energies, dysfunctional beliefs, and psychic pain you may be holding onto. These may be obvious to you, or they may be running in the background of your life, like a computer program, that, unbeknownst to you, can be robbing you of your well-being.

I’m honored to be able to offer these services that are tailored to your unique energy system. Come and see me soon!


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