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Reiki Awakening Academy

Online School of Intuitive Development

Whether you are on your personal journey of discovery or a professional looking for a way to incorporate Practical Reiki™ into your business, we have several programs available.

Reiki Awakening Academy offers several programs for beginners, practitioners, teachers and enthusiasts. Our programs are designed to provide valuable resources and tools to support you on your new journey. Wherever you are in terms of intuitive development, Reiki Awakening Academy can help you rise above challenges to meet your personal and professional goals.

Discover Practical Reiki(TM)

What if you could easily harness your innate power for healing yourself and helping others without having to memorize complicated symbols or rituals?
What if you could learn Reiki energy healing quickly, simply, and use it immediately, without needing to leave home, spend thousands of dollars, or memorize anything?
What if you could finally take your place as an energy healer, personally and professionally, after taking one all-inclusive course?
That's what our program can offer you!

With the pandemic, now more than ever, we're feeling disconnected. Add to it burnout and the mounting stress of everyday life and it can feel impossible to focus on what's needed for self-care and wellness. Reiki makes it possible to find attunement within. Healing begins with mind and body connection. However, most Reiki courses incorporate complicated techniques.

Practical Reiki™ provides the tools to learn intuitive practices that can be incorporated into your everyday to help boost energy, outlook, and health. This course can help you to discover your light and your power.

Unlike other Reiki classes, Practical Reiki™ offers you:
  • An affordable way to learn from home
  • Personal support
  • Clear, easy to understand videos
  • A simple “intend and send” two-step approach
  • A caring instructor with over a decade of professional practice
  • Lifetime support
  • And so much more!
Why learn with Dr. Alice Langholt, Ph.D.?
  • Alice has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology – the study of Consciousness, Healing and the Mind-Body connection. She has a depth of education that helps her support her students’ understanding and loves to share her vast knowledge.
  • Alice’s textbook, Practical Reiki: for balance, well-being, and vibrant health is a two-time award winner.
  • Alice has a professional Reiki practice.
  • Alice teaches Reiki as an adjunct professor at Montgomery College.



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