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The Power of Believing

Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy

I have been passionate about serving others all my life! Having survived severe traumatic brain injury and near death experiences, my spirituality boost forward even further to provide healing to those in need. Miracles continued to prosper when I became an Inspirational Speaker and author sharing my story of hope that can come through trauma. I continued providing healing even further when I became a Reiki Practitioner in 2018 and a Reiki Master Teacher in 2021. In addition to Reiki, I also provide Angel readings. People are amazed, uplifted and spiritually supported of their angelic messages.

"I received distance Reiki from Bridgid following a surgery, this helped with my pain control, breathing, relaxation and quickly healing and recovering. Doctor’s were amazed!  I can’t thank you enough for the support and love that you’ve sent me.”

"Bridgid is an intuitive healer. She is in “touch” with what I can only describe as a Divine, healing, grace-filled and unconditionally loving capacity. The impact of my body, mind and spirit was profound."

The feedback that I have received from my book: Discovering My Life's Purpose, From Tragedy to Triumph states, "Honest, beautiful writing! Bridgid has the unique ability as an author to take the reader on this painful journey with her. As Bridgid walks through each step of her rehabilitation, she inspired me through laughter, tears and her genuine spirit. Bridgid's story is about resilience, making her book the perfect gift for anyone on the path of life."

When I have presented my life's story both nationally and internationally, amazing some feedback that I have received includes; "Your presentation was very powerful and superb!  You are clearly an inspiration to all who hear your story!"

"Truly inspiring story. The audience was captivated by your truth and the rebirth of a blessed soul! Your experience is much more than anyone can comprehend! Bridgid, you are grace and an unconstrained spirit for life and love!” 

My soul thrives with utter JOY and LOVE when I provide Reiki to others, both distantly and in their physical presence. I am still alive in this world for a reason! I am a servant and channel who is here to share such love and healing to all in need, through the powerful loving Divine God. 

To learn more about my story, my accomplishments and my continued drive to serve others - please view my website  www.bridgidruden.com

For the month of April & May, I am providing a tremendous deal on my Reiki services!  If you purchase one Reiki session from me you will receive the 2nd session for FREE!  Yes...I love providing Reiki long distance!  It's so powerful. Contact with me on my website: www.bridgidruden.com

Blessings and much love your way!

Bridgid Ruden


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