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Reiki Healing/ Spiritual Life Coach/ LOA Coaching/Tarot – Newcastle NSW Australia

Hello and Welcome to my Reiki Healing page.

My name is Renata Daniel. I am a Reiki Master with over 10 years of practical hands on experience.

Healing work is integral to the wellness work that I provide, but it is not the only component of Spiritual healing that I deliver. I am a qualified Counsellor ( VETAB ACCREDITED) Hypnotherapist, Mediation and Mindfulness Coach and EFT Practitioner.

I have worked in the Spiritual industry since the 1990's running women's empowerment sessions, workshops, healing practices of all sorts.

Most recently I have added Law of Attraction and Mindset Coaching and EFT (tapping) as well as Spiritual Coaching all of which I studied and gained proficiency in over the last two years when everything changed for all of us and we all pivoted in our roles. 

In all of my sessions I always recommend a course of Reiki/Intuitive Healing as a way of doing a deep clean, ready to shift energies and to remove stagnant blocked chakras and create activation for your highest vibrational wellbeing.

I also deliver health based Reiki sessions.

I have previously treated women and men who have had cancer, chronic pain, eating disorders, depression, anxiety and arthritis.

I am very excited to now be a life member of the Reiki Healing Association and invite you to attend a session with me so that we can work to assist you with living your best life.

Remember that allowing your body to release, heal and flourish is safe and honorable thing to do. You are allowed to look after yourself and be generous to your needs. A gentle Reiki healing gives you time to resolve many conflicts and traumas and sets sacred time side so that you may not only get closer to your inner soul but also to the Universal life force that flows through all of us.

I am here to just allow the process to occur acting as a conduit for the flow and a point of safety guiding you to stay open to receive what the Universe has to offer you.

Contact me in the first instance via my email at tarotqueen@gmail.com for any  appointments, questions regarding my services or any further guidance I may be able to offer you.

You are ready to create miracles.


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