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Purple Light Healing & Coaching – Reiki Master/Teacher

I am good at encouraging people to change their mindset from negative to positive through Reiki Healing and Life Coaching.

Hello Beautiful People,

My name is Jenny and before I begin I want to share with you my truth and the reason why I am now in this field of serving people like you. I am so proud to share who I am with you now unlike before. I was so ashamed of myself and I pretended to be someone that I am not.

I blamed it all on my past experiences. From childhood trauma to being a teenage mom and having tons of failed relationships because I keep on searching for love, happiness, comfortand stability from other people.  I keep on searching and I end up making mistakes from one wrong decision to another.

I was so ungrateful. full of pride and ego!

I was a lost soul. Admittedly needed help to grow... in spirit, to change my rotten world, or else living in hell would be my reality. Worst of all, I was going to drag my three children into the well of fire that eats our souls. I was afraid to let go of my own limiting beliefs and my ego. My comfort zone was my home. I was so used to pain and negativity.  I needed to endure and go with it because I was lost and didn't know where to go. 

I entered the tunnel of what we call "THE DARK NIGHT OF MY SOUL".

In 2015 I was in the BEST darkness of my life!  Yes, you read that right!  The best darkness of my life... because through that darkness I was able to see the shiniest light I have ever seen!  

I was a single mother of three for more than 15 years, and I grabbed every opportunity that I could take just to feed my three babies 10, 7, and 5 at that time. It was a very tiring roller coaster ride. My children and I stick together literally through thick and thin.  

7 years ago, I lost everything! God emptied me; I was broken physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. Oh, and those words "rock bottom." - that's an understatement when you are in that kind of situation.

One of the worst feelings was when our landlady kicked us out of our apartment because I could no longer pay the rent. My car was carnapped and was given back to me, but they took everything inside and out. The father of my children was put in jail, and my new partner and I recently broke up. I had no money and needed to sell the only jewelry given to me by my mom just to be able to buy us food. 

It happened in the blink of an eye! 

Those days, weeks, months, and years felt like God filtered me from all the good and the bad. While inside that turmoil, I saw the goodness in everything. Although I lost our home, my parents took us in, my ex-partner and I decided to be friends again, new friends began showing up, and true friends stayed to support us. 

Just like you, I was searching non-stop so I could free myself from these realities of pain, trauma, darkness, coldness, lie, hurt, uncertainty, anger, resentment, and broken spirit! I finally surrendered. I let go of my ego. I said, in these exact words, “It’s all up to you God. I will follow you. Place me wherever you want me. I have things to ask of you though - provide us with money so we can rent our own apartment, pay my kid's tuition, and fix my car. Give them stability before I go.” I didn’t even know where to go - I just knew He had plans for me and my kids. 

In the midst of darkness, there were two things I was holding on to... my relationship with God and hope. I said, "no more tug of war, God. I surrender. 

Cleanse me, Purify me, Heal me, and Activate me.

Then I found myself writing down my story, my past, present, and future. I prayed for clarity, peace of mind, patience, understanding, financial blessings, opportunity, love, light, healing, and abundance. I made choices of empowerment and aligned myself with God and I gained enlightenment. It took me a while to really focus and hold onto my mind of positivity. I kept on falling and I struggled to stand up but it was a challenge that every time I fell and could not stand up, I chose the path of learning and understanding. I shifted my mind from being negative to positive and then there was light! 


Before I decided to soar like an eagle, I planned my transformation very well. I wanted to be the person my family, friends, and clients look up to. I wanted to be the product of my sincere service. I wanted to be transparent and earn their respect as their mentor and coach.

I’ve worked to free myself from my past traumas and experiences emotionally, and I met my Reiki Masters just in time when I needed some spiritual guidance. At this time, I opened up to mentoring, and it gave me so much courage to pursue my calling.

I invested in myself, my learning, and my growth, and I woke up with a purpose.

My investment in my own personal growth was worth every single penny, as a matter of fact, EVEN MORE!  It is not just about money. It is about how I can be of service to others without worrying about where I am going to get money for my bills. The minute I stopped worrying about money, was when money came in, endlessly! I was able to shift my money problems to be such a blessing to others. I was able to rebuild my life and become fully aware of my next action in life because again, I was open to learning and mentoring.  Just writing this down gave me so many emotions of gratitude and love from God, and the people who became God’s instrument to fulfill my purpose.

My ability to give advice and heal others became so strong and effortless. My confidence to share my story and what I have learned from my life experiences has now become my purpose to lift people who are in need and share my abundance!  I cleaned up my past and started teaching spiritual persons how they can do the same: I watched them heal and embrace their new self and begin to know what self-love means. I watched them release negative energy into positive, and facilitated physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation too! 

Their gratitude and appreciation of my service are beyond what I expect to receive. I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping others who are struggling with their personal growth - business owners, self-employed, sole practitioners - to help them make more money, breakthrough their inner blockages, and have the freedom to create the life and business that they deserve and dream of.   

I have unlocked the power of manifestation and my connection to my Higher Self and the Divine Source of Light. I continue using this practice and am still amazed at how it works and how excited I am to share this with you. I promise to share my story and everything I've learned with those who are committed to growing in spirit and determined to reach their highest potential and reach their dreams... ...even if it is hard. 

Now, I have started teaching spiritual people how they can do the same. I mentor them whilst practicing Reiki healing. I have seen with my very eyes the way these people embrace their new selves and realize what self-love means. I have seen them transform their negative into positive energy, and I facilitate their physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. My client’s gratefulness and appreciation for my guidance were beyond anything I could have ever expected to receive.  I have since then made a solid commitment to dedicating the rest of my professional life as a life coach, a meditation guru, and a Reiki master/ teacher to helping others who are struggling with their personal growth and healing. May it be business owners, sole practitioners, or self-employed individuals in order to help them realize the value of what they are doing, break through their inner blockages, and show them their capabilities of creating the life and business that they dream of and that they DESERVE!  

My Future.

I am creating and living my future story now thru the power of manifesting and the law of attraction.

To be continued...


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