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Reiki Practitioner for Humans and Animals

Reiki Practitioner in Oregon

Certified level 3 Master Reiki practitioner in Corvallis, Oregon.  Certified Animal Reiki practitioner.

Hi, I am Kris.  I practice in my home studio also do distance healing.  I have experience with cats, dogs, kids, teens, and adults in my practice.  I am privileged to offer this healing modality in person and from a distance.

In person sessions last anywhere from 60-90 minutes and cost $77.  Distance healing sessions last approximately 45 minutes and are $55.

Reiki has changed my life physically and emotionally for the better.  I feel more alive and at peace than I have in my life thanks to Reiki, and I love being able to help others feel their very best too.  I am honored to be a conduit for this beautiful healing energy.


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Corvallis, Oregon, USA
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