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Reiki Practitioner | Online or In Person | Chakra Alignment | Intuitive Journey Guided Healing

Affordable Reiki Healing Sessions for Anyone

In Person:

This session is perfect for anyone interested in experiencing Reiki healing hands-on (or hands-off in a shared space). Whether you're hoping to spend some time relaxing with yourself, escape anxiety, or ease the pain of a physical ailment, this session can help.

We will focus the healing energy on areas specific to your needs. If you're unsure of this, Byosen Scanning can help us identify what your body & spirit are calling for.

Any serious illness or injury should be treated by a professional. Please do not rely on Reiki alone to heal these types of ailments. Instead, think of Reiki as a collaborator with your medical treatment.


The Distance Healing Session is perfect if you are seeking a relaxing session from the comfort of your own home. In this session, we break through the barriers of time and space to connect on an energetic frequency.

The audio file acts as the bridge that we meet on. The Distance Healing Session is an intuitive experience that can be used as a guided meditation or as a resource to inspire reflection.

If you are seeking a session for a specific need, please inform me beforehand so the intention can be set for your healing.

The Intuitive Journey - A Guided Healing Session:

The Intuitive Journey is ideal for someone seeking a more spiritual Reiki experience. With the aid of Byosen Scanning and guidance from universal life force energy, we surrender together and embark on a journey that comes through uniquely for you.

Your body will call the energy to where it is most needed. Messages come through intuitively throughout the session. Take what resonates, leave the rest.

In this session I will speak freely to help guide you towards the messages I am receiving from Spirit. It is up to you how you respond to these messages. Clients report feelings of anxiety dissipating throughout the session and a sense of empowerment and relaxation taking hold. Clients have come out of this experience with fresh energy and newfound clarity.

Come with intentions or simply to discover more about yourself, this session will invite you to reflect deeply.

This session can be done in person or distance.

Chakra Alignment:

The Chakra Alignment Reiki session is great for the routine Reiki recipient. Adding a session every week or month can help you remain aligned with yourself.

In this session, we spend time falling into relaxation with each of the seven main chakras. Negative energy will be cleared, depleted energy will be refueled, and we'll work through any chakra blocks that may be coming through.

Rapid Reiki Session:

We all know how difficult it can be to find time for yourself in the midst of a busy day. With the Rapid Reiki Session, you can get that time during your lunch break, on your way home from work, or whenever you have a moment of down time.

This session is recommended for regular visits since you don't get the same treatment as a full session, but if you need a quick dose of healing energy, it is available to you here.


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