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Reiki Resources and Coaching for Your Life

Reiki Resources
We practice a holistic, non-invasive, spiritually guided Reiki modality that guides one’s Life Force Energy to heal and relax the entire body. William Rand, a renowned author and Teacher, says “Reiki is a subtle wisdom that permeates everything.” This method of stress reduction and relaxation promotes healing.
Our goal is to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body utilizing your own Higher Power. Our practitioners are not only trained in Reiki, Karuna, and other healing modalities, but also in psychology and Life Coaching to promote the Holistic spectrum.
We not only offer Reiki Treatments in our office but we also offer Animal Reiki Treatments in the comfort of their own home. We provide Reiki Classes for Level 1, 2, 3-Master and Teacher Level. Additionally we can accommodate students by providing individual classes, should our class times not fit their busy schedules.
Call or text Today. 303-717-3156 and be sure to check out our web page at www.reikiresandc4yl.com


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