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Reiki Teacher Level 1, 2 and Master

Reiki Level 1 Teaching

Hey. I'm Simon and I am certified in holistic wellness modalities such as crystal and chakra healing, and I'm a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Instructor, NLP practitioner and a Mindset/Mindfulness coach.

In fact, I qualified as an NLP coach way back in the 90's, before it was 'trendy', plus, I've used my coaching in some of the best-known jewellery businesses around the world.

But, life throws us all curveballs at times - and in 2016, I was dealt a tough one. Due to my chronic illnesses becoming un-treatable, I had to undergo a lot of life-saving operations which left me with disabilities and PTSD, but I'm still here and smiling! I've come out the other side and now enjoy spending time with my family, running my businesses, and using my experiences to help others who are dealing with life-changing periods, anxiety, depression or just need help feeling good and motivated in their daily lives.


Learn to tap into the incredible, amazing, and beautiful power of Reiki energy with my advanced Reiki Level One Course!

Through this course, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of this unique healing technique.

Being attuned to reiki is a beautiful feeling that will quite literally change the way you embrace life.
My reiki level one course is a bit more advanced than most courses around because it includes meditation guidance which is a massive part of getting the most from reiki. It prepares you, grounds you and balances you so that you’re ready to use the energy.
The course should take around 6 weeks in all, this includes the 21 day cleansing period after your level one attunement.
I have no doubt that you have seen Reiki courses on the internet where you can learn all levels of Reiki together in one weekend etc, please avoid them….. I have many people who come to see me after being attuned and getting a certificate from a weekend course who have been left high and dry without knowing how to truly understand and use Reiki properly.


Reiki is simple to learn and anyone can learn it. You do not need to have any prior experience.

On an introductory “First Degree” course you will learn how to tune back into the life-force energy around and within you and learn how to use Reiki to find balance.

You will also learn a simple set of ‘rules to live by’ set down by Reiki’s founder.

Reiki is not a religion and it is practised by people from all walks of life.


Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any symptoms of illness you should see your doctor.

Reiki is safe and will complement any form of complementary or medical treatment.

A Reiki Practitioner will not diagnose or recommend any form of treatment.

With me you will receive:-
A level one manual, meditation guidance and script plus mindfulness tips and tricks to help you and also help you to guide others in basic breathwork and meditation. This includes my free meditation e-book and a free download of my introduction to breathwork course.
You’ll get to learn the history of Reiki and your traditional Reiki lineage traced back to Usui himself.
You will receive the ancient attunement process to channel reiki energy.
You will be taught the relevant hand positions to start and we will work on your confidence so that you can eventually trust your intuition when carrying out a reiki healing.
To begin your course you will also learn why and how to meditate anytime of the day as well as how to lead others into a relaxed meditative state.
You will discover the beauty of Reiki and how it can help with your everyday mindfulness, awareness, intuition and an overall feeling of calm and empowerment.
You will learn how to self Reiki as well as being able to help your family and friends when called upon.
My Reiki Level One Advanced course includes:-
 Introduction to practical meditation.
Breathwork exercises.
Done for you guided meditation scripts.
How to guide others into basic meditation.
Introduction to Reiki including your own manual.
How reiki works.
Reiki level 1 Attunement.
History of Reiki and our Lineage.
The Reiki Principles.
An understanding of your Chakras.
Reiki Self Treatment.
Preparation before a Reiki session.
Hand Positions for self Reiki and performing Reiki on others.
The importance of grounding.
Where we can use Reiki and Conclusion.
(You will be required to show evidence of carrying out a certain number of Reiki practices before being signed off for certification).
Yep you’ll receive all of this with my guidance.
NB. This is mainly a self learning course using the downloads available for guidance. I will be on hand to guide you through the learning and to help you to understand and complete the course so that you are ready to go into the world embracing your new found energy.
I will be checking in on you to help with your progress so even though you learn at your own pace, you will not be alone.
* The Reiki Level One Attunement can be carried out at a distance or in person at my Shop/Healing Studio in Melton Mowbray. I will contact you to discuss
This price is an introductory launch price and will be increased to £245 in April.

When you have completed your purchase you will receive your downloads to start reading and watching in a confirmation e-mail. I will then contact you via e-mail to arrange your attunement date.

I can’t wait to see your name pop up in my emails and for you to start this truly remarkable journey.




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