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ZanyFaes Enchantments

Thank you for you’re interests in my unique Reiki and Chakra Services. Learning Reiki was the most empowering and liberating thing I’ve ever done. I aspire to make it an Enchanting experience for you. With much Love and Gratitude –I decided to provide healing Reiki services to the great wide open, namely, YOU! I have been practicing Remote/Long distance Reiki privately and for friends since 2011. I feel the need to spread my wings and offer more. To hold Space for those who need healing- whether it’s a custom Reiki Session, Chakra Cleansing & Clearing and/or, but not limited to, a Chakra Aligning Session. If you’ve never experienced Reiki, would like to, or if something resonates with you, please Inquire.

Chakra Aligning Package
Chakra Aligning ~ promotes a smoother “flow” of your Energy and Life
Chakra Clearing & Purifying Package
Chakra Cleansing and Purifying ~ promotes stress relief, calms emotions, improves physical health, as well as increase focus and mental clarity.
Remote Reiki Session
A custom Reiki session scheduled with me: I will hold space for you for 30 minutes. Included in your purchase is a custom, intuitively guided photo of your space. As well as an Email summarizing your Sacred Altar Space


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