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Hi Reiki Friend! For a limited time, we are opening up access to our digital Reiki Magazine, Universal Life! Bringing you the latest news, articles and insight in all things Reiki and Wellness. 

Usually only our Reiki Healing Association Members have access to this exclusive Reiki Magazine - but we wanted to share it with the wider Reiki Community, to inspire as many Reiki Professionals as possible as they continue to transform lives with their soul-led businesses. We see you!  

We have a tonne of fascinating articles and advice from top wellness experts as well as some first-hand stories from our RHA Members, who are all practising Reiki & Holistic Professionals running their own Healing Practices. 

And we hope you love reading it as much as we loved producing it.

What's included in the latest Issue of Universal Life Magazine

If you're a Reiki or Holistic Practitioner this magazine is for you. It's jam packed with articles written by Reiki Professionals, for Reiki Professionals. 

Molly Malone, Author of the Little Book of Animal Reiki, reveals the powerful ways Reiki helped her love and support her puppy during its first years of life
The Art of Stillness - Akleema Ali shares the go-to Reiki practices she uses to seek more peace and stillness, even during a busy schedule.
Thrive In Every Season - RHA Members Kris Denning explores how she came to embrace her least favourite season and find beauty in the darkest times.
Seeing clearly: Functions of the Third Eye Chakra -  Harriette Rose takes a closer took at the sixth Chakra and its role in our energetic system.
Drawing upon her unique experiences as a member of the clergy, RHA Member Rev. Dr. Tracy Cox, explores the positive role Reiki can play in soul mate love, and the powerful benefits of learning Reiki together as a couple.
RHA Member Francine Thomas shares how Reiki helped her find relief from one unpleasant side effect of breast cancer treatment in her article Reiki and The 30 Year Itch.
Instilling True Love and Light - A lot of people use the phrase "sending love and light," but what does this really mean for those of use who work in the healing world? LaTanya L. Hill reflects on how healers can truly embrace the frequencies of love and light for the betterment of ourselves, our clients and the environment.
High Vibrations: Crystals for Spiritual Awareness, Growth, and Enlightenment – Reiki Master, and Certified Crystal Practitioner, Norman Wilson, shares his favourite crystals for any spiritual journey.
RHA Member Thea van der Merwe, Ph.D., explores the healing ways we can tap into the power of light spectrum with colour therapy.
RHA Member Shailja Kapur shares a powerful meditation to connect us to the Heart Chakra and the unconditional Divine love of the Universe.
Radical Love: Creating Space for Yourself and Others with Reiki - Yolanda Riley explores how inviting Reiki everyday can help bring radical self-acceptance and create the space to accept and support others.
PLUS SO MUCH MORE packed into every issue.

Thank you for Universal Life Magazine! There are still several articles I haven’t read, although I’ve ‘thumbed’ through all the ‘pages.’ It's so nice to actually relate to the magazine’s contents and feel like I'm a part of something. Keep up the extraordinarily wonderful work you do.


Lily Costa

Reiki Master Teacher

Hi There Soulpreneur...

We are so excited to share our Universal Life Magazine with you..

At the Reiki Healing Association, we have one mission: to support, inspire and empower Reiki Professionals across the globe to start and scale the soul-based Business of their dreams. We are one of the largest and fastest-growing communities of heart-centred and ambition Reiki professionals, changing the world one reiki session at a time. 

Being a soulpreneur can be a little lonely, and sometimes a little overwhelming as you navigate the world of online business on your own - which is why we knew we needed to create a safe and uplifting community for people just like us looking to become confident and thriving Reikipreneurs. 

We’ve been supporting and inspiring the Reiki community since 1997 and launched Universal Life Magazine to help share real-world advice and inspiration to our fellow Reiki professionals in this exciting and rewarding industry! Whether you are just starting out or already have your own Reiki business, we want to support you at every step of your journey so you can confidently start, grow and scale the Reiki Business of your dreams.


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