Group Reiki Treatment

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Love and desire are the spirit’s wings to great deeds. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Group treatments were first used by Dr Hayashi at his clinic in Tokyo. He would often treat clients with the help of several other Reiki practitioners. Many people find it more enjoyable to work with another person or persons. There are also several advantages to working in a group.

The Benefits of a Group Reiki Treatment

  • Group Treatment is quicker taking as little as six to ten minutes to complete a full Reiki treatment.
  • Group Treatment is very powerful. The client receives an intense burst of healing energy. This often has the effect of kick starting the clients’ natural healing process.
  • Group Treatment allows the team to form a bond and create a unique energy. As we all experience Reiki in different ways, clients will often notice the different energy vibrations from different Reiki practitioners.

Group Reiki Treatments | Front Hand Positions


 Group Treatments | Back Hand Positions


Guidelines for Conducting a Group Reiki Treatment
  • All the normal preparations and procedures of a full Reiki treatment still apply to a group session.
  • Before you begin a group treatment decide who will work on the head positions and ultimately control the healing session.
  • Depending on how many Reiki practitioners are involved in the group treatment decide who will work on the various hand positions. Don’t forget to decide who will complete the session by smoothing the clients aura.
  • If four or more practitioners are taking part in the healing session you can have one practitioner at each end of the clients’ body while the other practitioners work in the middle.
Remember to have a box of tissues available.

This is a wonderful way to treat many people in a short space of time and ideal for therapy days. However, remember to wash your hands before and after each treatment under cold running water to dissipate any negative energy and assist grounding for each member of the team.

Spend time sharing experiences. Group treatment is a great way to learn and grow together.


Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig. – Marcus Aurelius

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