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by | Oct 31, 2016 | Reiki

Reiki Healing Association Member Gary Hewitt was kind enough to share with us a glimpse of his week as a Reiki Practitioner.

Reflecting on the past seven days as a Reiki Practitioner, it has been a week of insight and gratitude for me. Wednesday was another day of meditation and insight and once more there was powerful stuff at work. We worked on the bear within us and its good to know you can call on this power when people try to put you down, or you are suffering from a lack of self confidence.

I got to work with Clare this week and she gave me some very useful insights into what I need to do. She’s a gifted medium and card reader and it’s always a pleasure to work with her; I also gave her some advice on what needs to be done and the messages I provided in return for Clare were gratefully received.

The working week soon passed and then it was time for a very busy weekend of reiki. On Friday night I found out I was to be blessed with three reiki appointments the following day. I was most grateful to the universe and angels for making this happen for me and I put out a request to keep them coming, it brings both joy to myself and those who visit.

First up on the Saturday was a trip to deepest Sittingbourne to meet a regular of mine. Nikki soon was on a deep journey and the energy got to work on several issues. I had a lot of information to impart to her which obviously I will not divulge here. After that, I gave her a long meditation of about 13 minutes which took her far, far away and on top of that I got to give her a card reading using my osho zen cards. These cards are pretty powerful and they can appear a bit scary at times, but there are always positives if you know where to look. We certainly got some light and shade, but on the whole it was a good positive reading.

Then it was time to hurry back home, partake in some lunch before readying myself for my next visitor. Caroline is someone who I’ve met at MSDC (Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre) and after experiencing my healing at one of the healing sessions we do there she decided to be kind enough to visit me at home for a more quieter, peaceful healing. The energy didn’t disappoint and I had plenty of messages to relay back to her. She got a very relaxing healing session and certainly journeyed far and wide and left very happy.

I also gave her a card reading (Why all these card readings, I hear you ask…patience!) and this time I tested myself by trying to interpret what the card was before turning it over. I was feeling a bit spooked out when I was quite accurate about a few of them and we used the Doreeen Virtue Angel cards. There was plenty of hope there but a little tale of caution for her too. She helped me focus on what the main issues were and it turned out to be a successful healing and reading session.

My final visitor was Clare who was feeling a bit under the weather. The reiki again proved to be very relaxing and powerful in it’s own subtle way. I picked up plenty of messages from each chakra once again and they all meant something to her. She was most grateful and visibly seemed a lot brighter. Afterwards, I gave her a card reading using my power animal pack and we got a lot of clarification on a few issues she needs to work on. Again, it was a positive reading (I try not to do negative 😀 ) and she left very happy and in a better state of mind than when she arrived.

So, why all the card readings then I hear you ask? Well, through reiki and with some great work with Dawn and the MSDC, I find myself being able to interpret the cards. When I do my tarot course, I’ll definitely be bringing that to the party but oracle cards resonate with me pretty well too. Anyway, this Saturday for Halloween, I will be doing readings from 10.30am until 4pm at the Shakra Centre, so if you’re in the area please do come down and say hello. Neil serves the best hot chocolates in Kent and the atmosphere is so positive and vibrant and I do recommend you come along. Plus, of course, you’ll get to work with myself or one of the other readers on the day. This will be my debut as a reader too!

Today, I was off for a reiki share with my new Tai Chi teacher. It was a wonderful experience and I love it when martial arts and spirituality blend themselves together in this way. The energy was amazing and Michael was also kind enough to invite me to an event where esoteric issues are discussed. Alas, though I will be doing my angelic reiki workshop that day, but I will certainly be interested in future events when they come along. It was a pleasure to be invited and to take part and I was also graced with the joy of his dog who decided to join in the healing. Animals are naturally intuitive of this and it wasn’t new as I experienced something similar with Georgie whilst studying for AHT.

Speaking of which, tonight’s self healing at Angelic reiki blessed me with the appearance of St. Germain. It was powerful stuff and his violet flame cleansed at least one past life issue and my third eye was doing cartwheels whilst he got to work. I was also led to intone his name whilst doing my AHT afterwards around the soul star chakra. It’s most interesting as Haniel made her presence felt like this before and today it was St.Germain’s turn. I’m happy to oblige to their wishes and the cleansing continues day by day. I find this AHT to be so uplifting and you guys are in for a treat when it goes live.

Nothing much to be said except that if you want to experience what Caroline, Nikki and Clare enjoyed then all you have to do is get in touch. Oh, and don’t forget to pop along to the Shakra Centre, you’ll be most welcome.

Jaya Siddhaatma

Article from RHA Member: Gary Hewitt

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