Is It Your Time to Heal?

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Reiki Healing

Is It Your Time to Heal?

When I worked as an RN, I met a woman who seemed to thrive on personal drama. Many times I had observed this woman talking about the people that she personally knew who were sick, who died, and who were in accidents. It seemed that she derived some sort of benefit in the retelling of these upsettling stories, and that her life outside of work was fraught with catastrophes.

Reiki May Mess with Your Mojo

Then one day she came into the office with a painful, stiff neck. I knew it would be hard for her to do her job with that distracting pain, so I offered her some Reiki. She said she’d think about it. By the end of the day, she hadn’t gotten back to me, and I happened to see her by the time clock. I again offered her Reiki, and her response was, “Will it mess with my mojo?” I hesitated a second and then replied, “It might,” to which she replied, “No, thanks.”

Wow. Whereas I was temporarily taken aback by her response, I loved her candor. I loved her ability to say no. I loved the fact that she knew what she wanted. And I loved the fact that she knew instinctively that Reiki may get deeper than her stiff neck, and touch her emotions and feelings.

That incident taught me so much. I usually tell this story in my Reiki 1 class, along with many others, because stories allow us to absorb information so much easier. But what did this experience teach me?

It Is Important to Speak Our Truth

Her answer taught me how important it is to speak our truth. It taught me that I appreciate hard truth, even when it may sting. It taught me that each person’s path is of the utmost value, and that we can’t rush or push healing onto anyone in our own timing. I no longer am interested in discussions about healing with people who are reticent about it. We each have to be ready and open. I saw that not everyone’s priority is healing themselves of their pain.

We each have a path, and it’s not my responsibility to heal everyone. Like me, everyone has angels and spirit guides that are always with them. Each person has a guidance system within, to direct them to healing when the circumstances are right. I left my friend in the hands of her angels, and moved on, so grateful for the opportunity to learn all these lessons in such a concrete way.

Are you ready to heal? Let’s walk that path together.

Is It Your Time to Heal?

By: Maureen Rivelle

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