Life After Reiki 3

November 28, 2018 Reiki,Reiki 3

So, you’ve “mastered” Reiki and can now consider yourself among those who have demonstrated their understanding of the Reiki Principles and practice either through commitment, discipline, or by simply being 🙂


So, what now?

When I tell others that there are numerous levels and degrees of healing study to be attained, some of which even REQUIRE mastery of Reiki in order to pursue in earnest, some Reiki Masters don’t recognize the other levels as valid or any other school for that matter. The opposite can also be said of those who claim their discipline somehow superior.


First Thing’s First

Let’s address this idea that Reiki is somehow inferior to other forms of healing. I find this to be invalid, not only because of its close-minded nature as a premise, but also in its logic and rationale.


When we tap into the deepest core of Love that we can fathom (aka the ‘heart’ of ki), an ever-growing and developing frame of mind that can drastically improve at a varying rate depending on the person. When you combine this with a degree system that is constantly growing, how may I ask could it be considered inferior in any way?


In honesty, this confusion is caused by the simplicity of the technique. I have found that attempting to learn another healing discipline after Reiki is a lot easier to do than before. It helped shape what I call my “healer’s instincts and logic.” The core elements that allow a healer to channel deeper flowing healing, tackling the various deeper-rooted concerns of the client.


Let’s get back to my answer for this burning question. What now?

Well, the answer’s about as simple as being a college graduate after you walk the podium. Do you remember your reasons for beginning your studies? Some practitioners take years to acquire Reiki 3, if you fall into this category, I would suggest looking for anything relevant to your practice that you had previously forgotten about. Notebooks, drawings of the Reiki symbols, anything. Use what you find to start coming up with clues or memories.


Your next steps can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Do you want professional recognition with a company (such as the Reiki Healing Association), or would you prefer to simply start your own company and build your own brand? Do you want to pursue your studies further, or simply meditate on this amazing achievement in your life.


It may not seem like it, but as a Reiki Master, your options are now more open than they were for practicing in the health and wellness field. Shop around, you never know what you may find.

Life After Reiki 3

By: Reiki Reverend, Antonio Dixon

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