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134 King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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Australian based, white light healer, psychic and intuitive empath.

Akashic Record Readings – designed to help you on your soul path

Your primary and secondary life lessons, how these affect life purpose.

The primary areas of life and how far you are in this lesson at this time. The main life areas of importance in this primary life lesson. How this primary life lesson is weaved throughout all of your life experiences, and being conscious of this lesson will help guide you further. Life areas that are relevant to your soul path, strengths, areas of focus, areas that need more guidance and validation.

The roles you will fulfil in this lifetime, and the gifts of your soul that are to be nurtured.

The roles and gifts of this life are presented as the many archetypes that encompass the areas of main importance for soul your path. These gifts and archetypes can be nurtured and utilised within the soul path to help navigate all areas of life.

Past-lives of most relevance & traditions that have played a part in your soul journey.

How past lives that are relevant for this life play a role in helping guide, navigating the journey here and now.

Three questions supplied prior to the reading on areas of your life you need clarity 

These areas can cover your primary relationships, career and work, your family, or areas of spiritual help you wish to explore within the records.

A summary of your soul path/purpose.

A final overarching message from the Akashic Records that pertains to you at this stage, this final message gives a synopsis of the reading and supplies and deeper understanding that is needed.

Either on areas of the reading or other parts of your life that you wish further clarity. 

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