Bay & Delta Area Reiki Teacher:Scott Stewart 35th Generation Little Nine Heaven Kung Fu Desciple

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Hello My Name is Scott I have been involved in Kung fu and Healing Arts for almost 25 years.
– Xiao Jui Tian Wu Dao (Little Nine Heaven Martial Arts) which includes (Nine Palace Fist/ Nine Chamber Fist, Swordsmanship, and Bone Marrow Washing exercises) (Scott is a 35th Generation Desciple)

– Xing Yi Quan(Form/Will Boxing)
– Chen Taiji Quan
– Pa Kua Chang (8 Trigram Palm)
– Tzu Men Chuan/Zi Men Quan (Character Gate)
– Splashing Hands Techniques
– Weapons Training
– Advanced Iron Hand training
– Advanced meditation
– Advanced Qi Gong
– Xi Xui Gong (Bone Marrow Washing both Taoist and Shaolin styles)
– Yi Jing Jing (Shaolin Muscle and Tendon Changing)
– Ba Duan Jin (8 Section Brocade; both seated and standing forms)
– Nei Kung
– Tuina / Acupressure/ Bone Setting (as taught to me by my martial arts instructors.

I am NOT a Dr., Nor a therapist, Nor a Chiropractor)
– Chinese Herbal Therapy
– Certified Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist
– Tibetan 5 Rites
– DDP Yoga
– Reiki teacher (Usui & Tibetan)
– Shamanism (Lakota taught by Rust Wilson)
– “Contemporary” Shamanism (Steve Murry)
– Practitioner of Ho’Oponopono

At this time I only make Reiki house calls.

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