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651 I-35BL, New Braunfels, TX 78130, USA
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A distance reiki session can give profound clarity and a feeling of peace. There is no difference between receiving a session via distance as opposed to in person as far as the effectiveness is concerned. I prefer to offer sessions in real time via phone, but if your schedule requires it, I can record your session and send it to you to listen to at your convenience. You will receive the energy as you listen rather than when I perform the reiki.

I am an Usui reiki master and am also attuned to Karuna Ki reiki. I use both modalities in sessions as needed.

Before I begin your session, I will clear and open sacred space for our energies to communicate. I will call in assistance from spirit guides, ancestors, ascended masters, and arch angels. I may pull tarot and oracle cards for guidance before or during your session.

During your session, I’ll receive visions and messages in each chakra as I work through them to bring them into balance. I am open to your questions on specific topics and will give you any answers or visions that arise about them. If your question does not bring in a vision, I will not try to force one. When this happens, I see it as something that does not need focus at this time.

Prior to scheduling your session, you’ll need to complete a new client form.

I will then contact you through text or email to schedule your session.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey and I hope you find the experience helpful and invigorating.

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