Distance Energy Healing, removal of blocks, remove entities and attachments, help clear your way forward

134 King St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
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Australian based, white light healer, psychic and intuitive empath
Energy healing and clearing (sometimes called extraction) can offer a pathway toward a more balanced and clearer version of who you are meant to be. Energy healing will aid the natural healing process and alignment within the body, mind and soul. This leads to overall well being, lightness within, joy, peace, feeling grounded, focused, in control of ones direction, free to be your true authentic self and reinstate your souls sovereignty. 

  • Peace of mind restored, easing of any intrusive thoughts or mind chatter.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, foggy mind and low emotional feelings.
  • Restore lightness of being, fresher and renewed perspective.
  • Resetting the alignment of energy consciousness.
  • Returning to zero point and harmonising oneness. 
  • Help instil sense of peace, improve sleep and mindfulness.
  • Enhance feelings of joy, acceptance of self and moving towards love for self and others.
  • Experience a sense of who you used to be, integration of true self, and soul connection.
  • Improved meditation and yoga practice with clearer sense of self and energy.
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  • Symptoms, behaviours and emotions

    • Negative thoughts that are intrusive and excessive
    • Nightmares of being attacked and fear based dreams
    • Irrational fear, anger and paranoia 
    • Constant colds, flu, accidents and injuries
    • Fatigue, severe headaches, unusual happenings and feeling your luck has turned for the worst.
    • Unexplained physical pains in areas of body, can be stinging, digging in and at times severe.
    • Sadness, crying a lot, dread, depressive episodes that come over you all of a sudden.
    • Destructive thoughts, impulses, poor concentration, foggy mindedness and forgetfulness.
    • False sense of self, illusion, pseudo personality, expanded ego consciousness, ego facades, moving away from true identity and toward a constructed false sense of self identity.
    • Weakened aura due to being under attack, insomnia, feelings of intense fear, and feeling like some external energy is influencing you and your reality.
    • Feeling and hearing nasty, mean or attacking thoughts against self and others that do not seem to be your own.
    • Thinking of a person excessively, they may enter your mind for no reason or your dreams, continuously and with heavy emotions attached to them.
    • Realising or remembering that life wasn’t this bad, and this current reality doesn’t feel completely right.
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Distance Healing energy renewal entity removal gold consciousness removing energetic blocks
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