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21 Al Rola St - Al Raffa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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My journey with Reiki began way back in 1997, in Hyderabad,
India.  With the awareness that there was
something more’ that I was seeking to help me achieve the ‘divine
’ in all areas of my life, I happened to attend a Reiki Level I
certification course by chance and, cliched as it sounds, it changed my life in
a profound way!  I was pregnant at the
time and found huge comfort in finding Reiki and being attuned at that stage in
my life.  I learnt that it wasn’t
complicated at all to balance my mind, body and soul, in fact it was
simple!  The beauty of Reiki lies in its
simplicity after all.  As I continued to enhance
my personal reiki practice, I gradually extended Reiki healings to family and
very close friends and it gave me immense satisfaction be a conduit in their
healing journey.  Yet, there was a constant
urge to ‘do more’, to reach out to more people and help the best I can.  I continued to intensify my personal practice
and in 2018 I started to delve into additional healing modalities like Tibetan
Bowls Sound & Vibration Healing, SuJok (Korean Acupressure), Access Bars,
Theta Healing, Dien Chan Beaute (Face Reflexology_Vietnam) and most recently I
qualified as a Reiki Master Practitioner, Member of the Reiki Healing
Association and a Holistic Counsellor as well. 
I am currently also working on a Breathworks Certification and I continue
to hone my skills in Guided Meditation by creating personalized tracks that I use
during my sessions with my clients.


Having personally experienced the miraculous benefits
of energy healing and having understood that it’s not at all complicated as its
sometimes made out to be, I aspire to help as many people as I can to restore
holistic balance in their lives by empowering them to access their own innate
healing ability.  I aim to reach out to
as many as I can to let them know that there IS a way, and it’s SIMPLE!  My successful ongoing practice as an Energy
Therapist that combines my widespread knowledge of various modalities is, as my
clients say, what makes my sessions a beautifully satisfying experience.


If you’re looking at restoring your life to holistic
balance, or seeking relief from stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fear,
anger, hatred, other unwanted emotions, irritability due to hormonal changes,
or simply seeking some counselling and relaxation from life challenges, I would
be humbled to help you!

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